Research Laboratories


Research Lab Faculty
Applied Algorithms Sanguthevar Rajasekaran
Artificial Intelligence Dong-Guk Shin
Automation, Robotics, and Manufacturing Nejac Olgac
Bioinformatics Ion Mandoiu
Combustion & Gas Dynamics Baki Cetegen
Dependable Distributed Systems Alex Shvartsman
Structural Optimization Laboratory Julián Norato
Distributed & High Performance Computing Reda Ammar
Engineering Systems Simulation Center Michael L. Accorsi
Estimation and Signal Processing Yaakov Bar-Shalom
Foundations of Distributed Computing Alexander Russell
High Speed Optical & Network Device Eric Donkor
Information & Software Engineering Steven Demurjian
Information Processing Systems & Computing Bahram Javidi
Manufacturing Computing Peter Luh
Micro/Optoelectronics Research John Ayers / Rajeev Bansal / Faquir Jain
Nanoelectronics Helena Silva / Ali Gokirmak
Optical & Quantum Communications Bing Wang
Optical & Ultrasound Imaging Quing Zhu
Optical Fiber Manufacturing Research Wilson Chiu
Optoelectronic Science Geoff Taylor
Physiological Acoustics Monty Escabi
Storage and Network Systems John Chandy
Systems Optimization Krishna Pattipati
Two Phase Heat Transfer Amir Faghri
Precision Design & Manufacturing Kazem Kazerounian