Research Laboratories


Research Lab Faculty
Applied Algorithms Sanguthevar Rajasekaran
Artificial Intelligence Dong-Guk Shin
Bioinformatics Ion Mandoiu
Dependable Distributed Systems Alex Shvartsman
Structural Optimization Laboratory Julián Norato
Distributed & High Performance Computing Reda Ammar
Engineering Systems Simulation Center Michael L. Accorsi
Estimation and Signal Processing Yaakov Bar-Shalom
Foundations of Distributed Computing Alexander Russell
High Speed Optical & Network Device Eric Donkor
Information & Software Engineering Steven Demurjian
Information Processing Systems & Computing Bahram Javidi
Manufacturing Computing Peter Luh
Micro/Optoelectronics Research John Ayers / Rajeev Bansal / Faquir Jain
Nanoelectronics Helena Silva / Ali Gokirmak
Optical & Quantum Communications Bing Wang
Physiological Acoustics Monty Escabi
Storage and Network Systems John Chandy
Systems Optimization Krishna Pattipati
Two Phase Heat Transfer Amir Faghri
Precision Design & Manufacturing Kazem Kazerounian