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University of Connecticut School of Engineering BECAT: Booth Engineering Center
for Advanced Technology


The Taylor L. Booth Engineering Center for Advanced Technology (BECAT) is a research center located at the University of Connecticut at Storrs.  BECAT provides opportunities for interdisciplinary research and educational programs among faculty and students, strengthens the capabilities of individuals and groups in the pursuit of government and industrial projects, and maintains an environment for research, development and continuing education that is responsive to the changing needs of society.


BECAT’s mission includes both research and outreach. In particular, recognizing the rapid rate of technology changes and the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of research, BECAT’s goal is to provide a mechanism for sharing expertise as well as physical facilities for the complex technological infrastructure required to support research. BECAT also aims to initiate and encourage collaboration through outreach activities both within and beyond the university.


Booth Research Center (BRC) merged with Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) to become the Booth Engineering Center for Advanced Technology (BECAT.) The center was established in 1981 in response to the growing need for a centralized computing research and development facility within the School of Engineering. Named after its founder, Professor Taylor L. Booth, the research center provides the physical and intellectual environment necessary for the conduct of computer and communications oriented research in order to meet the Information Technology challenges of the future.